Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Thomas Cook closed down its shutters, declared bankrupt

Thomas Cook, the British travel giant has come to ruins leaving thousands stranded where the resorts, airlines, and hotels that the firm ran just collapsed. They had tie-ups in 16 countries for 19 million people where the hospitality industry was ruled by them. Thomas Cook is the world’s oldest firm that deals with travel and their business closed down their shutters on Monday. Innumerable global holidaymakers were abandoned all of a sudden and this sparked a big controversy in the British travel industry. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, guaranteed all the British travelers that no one will remain stranded and they will be taken home. 

He also mentioned that the British government had rejected Thomas Cook’s request for a bailout of almost 150 million pounds, that is $187.1 million. He added that this would be a moral hazard and this is something he did not want to approve. There are almost 600,000 people abroad, currently, who are continuously forcing the government including insurance companies to organize a widespread rescue operation. This is a very delicate situation and the government is concerned about all the customers of Thomas Cook and the chief executive Peter Fankhauser regretted the entire situation. 

He said that it was a great disappointment how the travel giant suddenly went low in business then got knocked out completely. It happened that Thomas Cook failed to secure a salvaging package from the lenders that went throughout the weekend. However, they could not resolve the issues and could not bear the extreme competition. Known as one of the oldest holiday companies of the world, Thomas Cook failed to collect enough funds to sustain its grip on the market. They have been struggling a lot in recent years and the high debt values made them lose some last-minute foreign bookings. Thomas Cook was founded in 1841 and remained a travel giant till 2018 and no one could beat them in popularity and reliability but fate turned for them. 


Know the fashion trends for the year 2019

Stay ahead of the fashion game for the year by refreshing your styles with the latest trends available in the market. Keep yourself updated with the stylish lehengas for a wedding season to trendy kurtas. You can also get cues from various online fashion store stylists who can help you with a fresh new look every time. 

The suits: The super hot trend which has made a great comeback is the suit. It doesn’t look stuffy and gives you a contemporary look. If you want to get the perfect girl boss look then Luxe suit would definitely be the right choice. It’s just the ultimately balanced outfit and don’t appear to be outdated. 

Shorts: If you are looking for something which can stole the show then its shorts. You can either go for micro, tailored or knee length. It all depends on you what kind of shorts you choose. Depending on whichever type of shorts you are comfortable in you can opt for it. It’s better to opt loose skirts. 

Fabric: Now days the designers are choosing the heritage fabrics like khadi and linen. You can now find the neutral shades and soft pastel shades of dhoti pants, kurtas, capes, straight paints, crop tops and more. 

Colors: The earthy tones are now on demand. The camel skin colors are best for this summer. You can also go for the coral, beige or the sunshine hues. Beige is definitely the girl’s best apparel color to choose. Though the apparel is simple it gives an elegant look. 

Spicy living coral: the coral apparel can definitely be a wonderful dress to choose and can be worn for any occasion. It is the best ever statement which you can make. There are different colors that go from shimmers to the dramatic ruffles or the romantic monotones. 

The bright colors: The dark greens to the bright yellow, bold blues are back now. The deep chocolate browns and other shades make an appealing look. The swimwear designers have come up with various colors and shades of prints over the latest collection. 

Accessories: You can go for the belt which can be a great accessory for a night out. It’s not necessary for you to go for the high heels to look stylish you just need to be sure to wear footwear in which you are comfortable. 

Jewelry: Simple and elegant jewelry can add to your great outfit.


How to choose a good-quality T-shirt?

American apparel

There are several brands of T shirts which you can find in the market. It’s important to know on what basis you need to choose a good T shirt. The first and foremost thing which you need to consider while buying a T shirt is the material with which it has been made.


Usually it’s always better to go for the T shirts which are made out of 100% cotton. It makes you feel great as it’s resistant to static, natural, cool and soft. 

You can also go for the 50/50 percent blend of polyester as well. Though it is the synthetic fibers which are less breathable than cotton, due to increase static it is less prone to wrinkles and shrinking and absorbs less moisture. There is no relation between the quality of the shirt and the thickness of the fabric of the T-shirt. Though few T shirts are made out of long fibers yet they appear to be lighter when compared to the regular cotton and are more durable and softer too. 


Other aspects which you need to consider while looking for T shirts is the color or design or pattern. Generally, the T shirts can be classified into classic and graphic Tees. The classic T’s are the ones which come in traditional and solid colors like white which was originally an under shirt for soldiers and sailors. It will definitely look amazing when paired with jeans. Navy is always known to create a sharp looking image. Grey is definitely the flattering color but your armpit sweat can be shown easily. Black is one of the the most favorite colors for all and is hard to pull off. 


You can also go with the other shades of colors like red to green or purple based on your skin tone. Then comes the graphic T’s which have come after the solid colored ones and this is the reason why they give you much younger look and modern. These are more like the casuals and the bigger the graphic the more causal it will become. So, these graphic T’s are best for those who are going for a gym, joining a get-together or running errands. The T’s which you have from alma mater or any of your sports team would work best when you want to watch a game with your friend at home or over a stadium. These might not look good for any of the dinner parties. 

Always choose the designs which are elegant and not the T’s which has screaming logos, giant ones, funny gags, metallics etc. It’s also a good idea to go for the inspirational quotations on your T-shirts so that you can maintain the right mindset. It’s also a great opportunity to start any conversation too but it shouldn’t be too overwhelming just at the first meet. Choosing the right T shirt that perfectly suits you is very important as everyone is different and one which is suitable for you may not be suitable for another person. 


Know the best university and colleges in the USA in 2019

According to the US college ranking report for the year 2019, again Harvard has got second place. For Princeton it’s the 9th year in a row to get the best college and number one ranking in the nation. It also highlights the profound and distinctive commitment which they provide to their undergraduate education, the cross disciplinary learning which they focus on and the groundbreaking financial aid programs which they follow in their University. It’s the 35th edition which has released the marks of best college ranking and it’s for the first-time various schools in Guam, Puerto Rico and US territories were also included in the list. 

But few of them were not okay with the list and have argued saying the indicators which they have considered in ranking were not relevant to the value of the school according to Forbes. Forbes then started publishing its own college list ranking each year. In 2012, George Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, former President of George Washington University said that this ranking of colleges was not delivering the quality and special character of all the 4000 colleges as well as universities in the country. He also explained how the schools can alter and show false data similar to Forbes which is true.

The list of the top 15 schools according to this US report is as follows:

  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(tie)
  • Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago(tie)
  • Northwestern University
  • Duke University and the Johns Hopkins University(tie)
  • California Institute of Technology and Dartmouth college(tie)
  • The brown University
  • University of Vanderbilt University and Notre Dame(tie)

Among the national Universities Harvard ranked second and simultaneously the other colleges followed. Tufts was ranked 29th among the others while Boston college got the 37th rank. 40th rank was for Brandeis, BU and Northeastern which were tied. The magazine was doing this ranking since, 35 years and it considered the opinion from various experts, student excellence, faculty resources, financial resources, outcomes of students and alumni giving. And it’s upto you how far you can rely on the list provided by the magazine. When you consider the liberal arts colleges, the schools available in Massachusetts had landed in all 3 spots in the top list. The college which ranked first is the Williams College in spite of being quite small. Second was the Amherst and third was Wellesley.